Hot! Hot! Hot!

People touring the museum from Arizona yesterday were sweating like butchers. They told me to turn up the AC. I told them I didn’t have any…and was lucky to have a couple of fans.

Poor Tess (a Volunteer) started to melt about 3 PM she told me “You should leave early it is miserable in here.” Of course I didn’t …I had projects to do…but I do move slower in the heat.

Back at home Chance had a new friend visit. A golden /whitish short haired dog about his size with a collar, Chance showed him his pool and his water dish and they took turns marking spots in the yard. He must be a tourist dog just visiting the area. Far Guy could not get close enough to him to look at his tags…and then the dog took off through the woods and did not return.

It was great fun last night watching the sunset. What a relief to have one more hot day behind us.

You can find a photo and the rest of the post HERE. 

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