Quiet but busy

The house has been quiet without the telephone interrupting my thoughts. It has been silent since Sunday, one call snuck through yesterday, in between waves of off again on again phone and Internet service. The repairman came again yesterday afternoon. Hopefully it is fixed once and for all! It has worked about six hours in a row now.

I called the business office of the telephone company. The Customer Service gal there said she was not authorized to issue a credit for five days of no service, she would have to speak to her supervisor and will get back to me next week. Why was she in Customer Service if she cannot give customer service? Seems redundant to me.

Far Guy went to work in the oven(museum) on Thursday. He was pretty much well done when he came home. Chance and I enjoyed the AC at home all day long. We are going to send Far Guy back into the oven again Friday. It works out well to split up the days…he is working on some projects there that he enjoys. The museum has some old movies taken in 1943 that will become a program next year after they are edited and digitized.

I finished scheduling all the evening programs for 2014 and meeting places have been reserved. I finished all the advertising for 2013. Yes..cross something off the list.

Next week I meet with the County Commissioners. I don’t like pleading for more money but someone has to do it. The average dollar amount that County Historical Museums receive from their respective counties in Minnesota is $57,000. We get less than 10 percent of that. Broken down even further than that we have 20,000 residents in the county and we receive 27 cents per person per year. I have asked for $3 per person. Of course I don’t have my head in the clouds…they will not approve that amount. IF I were a County Commissioner I would be ashamed.

The museum got a grant for an HVAC study ( Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). It will cost $6,300 to have an expert from The Cities come into our building to evaluate it. She will write us a report which we can then use to write another grant to purchase and install a HVAC system. I am not certain how anyone will be able to afford the heating bill…but I am following the suggested route and won’t put up a roadblock before I need to. ( Last winter I met with The Minnesota Historical Society mucky mucks and we made a plan to follow to gain heating, air conditioning and an elevator.)

I absolutely hate the politics, I am no good at smiling at a bunch of morons. I am certain that the Commissioners will be surprised to learn about the HVAC study…oh well…they are the governing body for the Historic Building…and all of them have been notified of our monthly meetings and have been encouraged to attend. I cannot drag them into one of our meetings and make them listen to the goings on. Although that thought makes me smile:)

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  1. Dale says:

    Keep on them……………………………..Persistance can pay off……………

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