Wistful Wednesday: First Day of School 1961

I was almost ten and going into the 5th grade. I went to an old two room school house which later became the Community Center/Senior Citizens Center in Osage. Mrs. Zeller taught the 5th grade, she was a kind lady. I would get A’s in Spelling, Arithmetic and Social Studies and struggle to get a B in Science. I got a pair of glasses before school started, it was probably the first time in five years that I could actually see the blackboard. I would remain blind as a bat without glasses.


My baby brother would have been going into second grade with one of my favorite teachers ever, Mrs. Zauche.

Didn’t everyone wear a scarf to school and white anklets back in 1961? Those white anklets drove me nuts after they lost their elastic they would fall down and eventually get all bunched up under my heel. That dress was beige with dark brown and teal squares. I have no idea what color the scarf was and my taste in bracelets was minimal.

Sharpening pencils. Remember that sound on the first day of school ? Everyone had to sharpen their pencils, that must have driven the teacher nuts. We didn’t have one of those crank pencil sharpeners at home, when Dad was home he would sharpen our pencils with his knife. We had one of those little hand held worthless sharpeners. Far Guy was lucky, his Mom used to be a teacher and they had a crank pencil sharpener on their back porch ( because she was a teacher is probably why it was on the back porch.)

I love to stroll down the aisles that have all the school supplies. I wandered around one day recently and came home with some new pencils, pens and a notebook. What a great variety of school supplies there are nowadays! I purchased some ink pens that are all different colors of ink..pink, green ( as I scribbled the green on a piece of paper I realized that my husband used to use a green pen in high school), purple, orange and boring old blue. I like the .09 mechanical pencils…there is a difference…the .07’s lead breaks too easy for me. I am picky with my pencils.

School started yesterday here in Minnesota. The neighborhood “gang” all reported a good day! Miss Aubrey started kindergarten, her brothers Gavin and Jordan and cousins Anna and Mason all escorted her from the bus to her classroom. Kate reported that the teacher said “There was a whole group of kids with Aubrey this morning!” :)


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2 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: First Day of School 1961

  1. Chuck says:

    What a wonderful memory Aubrey will have of her first day of kindergarten, with her extended family walking her to her room. Perfect.

  2. Karen says:

    Wow. Spooky. My Dad used to sharpen pencils with a knife too.
    Yesterday I browsed the school supplies on sale & got coloured pens.
    Looked at notebooks, but didn’t buy one in the end. I should really go back.
    I live next door to my childhood school (now a museum) so I’m reminded of school every day.

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