Winey Snob

I do like a glass of champagne every once in awhile. I have about 4 small one serving bottles in the fridge …they have been there about a year. Cooks I believe is the brand. I must be ageing them. I love the bubbles in a half way decent champagne.

The last time I had a glass of wine? Easter.

I heard it with my own ears. “I keep an opener in the car, just in case of a wine emergency.” What I wondered would constitute a wine emergency? A flat tire?

I keep an extra couple of blankets in my car just in case I might be freezing to death and a small bag with necessities; an extra collar and lead for Chance, in the summertime a bottle of water and a dish again for Chance just in case he needs a drink, Kleenex, a couple of plastic bags to clean up after you know who in case he poops away from home, hand sanitizers and a couple of pens oh yes and some toothpicks. Not a wine corkscrew to be found.

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