Stick a fork in my I am done!

Finished my last full day at the museum for this year! Yeah for me! I am relieved. Now I can take naps and stay up till who knows when, I can be on my own schedule. I am so not a morning person. I think I might just smash the alarm clock too.

It was a frustrating week tying up loose ends. Waiting for calls that were never returned, people to show up that never did. AARG! Gus the Ghost had a fit and exploded a light bulb all over one night. I think he is ready to be all alone in the building again.

Far Guy had an interesting Tuesday. Months ago he ordered a new furnace, on installation day #1 it was discovered the furnace had been dropped in shipment, so it had to be reordered. The gas hook up, digging lines, installing a new tank guys have been here three times. They dug and installed, came back and re-dug because they had leaks. Grass had started growing:( I kept asking them if I need to get a bird…they all looked at me like I was NUTS. On Installation Day #2 Far Guy had to go to town for parts for the furnace guy. Finally it is fait accompli.

No more outside woodstove, just bump up the thermostat and pay the bill. Far Guy has been a little down in the mouth about it until I showed him the figures for burning wood what with wood stove purchase, wood delivered, new chain saws, repairs, circulation pumps etc… it all comes out in the wash. I am certain our floors will not be as warm as they were. ( I suppose I could rip out some tiles and lay some electric heat coils in strategic places..or just wear slippers.)

I am not making a “to do” list until Monday, but try as I might one is formulating in my head. But right at the top of that list is take Fall photos, nap and read my Trixie Belden book:)

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