Chance: I made the list and other revalations

Hiya it’s me the Border Collie. I was bamboozled. I was tricked into a car ride early in the morning. I shoulda known something was up when Far Side set her alarm and took off with me in the wee hours of the morning…it was a little past 8AM. We had been up and out earlier and were on our second sleep. We often do that. We get up at dark o’clock and go outside together to make sure I am peeing and pooping and then we go back to sleep…feeling much relieved. I take turns waking them up, sometimes just for fun I wake both of them up.

I went to the Dogs Paw to see Deana. I guess I got the works with hypoallergenic shampoo and NO stinky perfume. The perfume makes us all sneeze and get headaches. Cross me off the list!

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  1. Sharron says:

    Hiya Chance. I think it was worthwhile getting up early to go to the spa. You look so handsome. A dog give us unconditional love, so keep on lovin’ Far Side.

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