Shopping because it rained

Just an excuse to get out of the house by my type A husband, who needed a special paintbrush and a new stapler. I had a few things on my shopping list, but had given up finding them. Low and behold I found them in a tourist trap. We wandered in and out of several stores on Main Street, two were so perfumey we turned around and left. Incense, potpourri, candles and who knows what all. I got an instant headache. Me..headachy doesn’t make a happy shopper. To tell you the absolute truth, shopping for antiques is really the only kind of shopping I enjoy. Of course I sent one business an email and the other had a Facebook page…so I left a comment. I think feedback is important.

Far Guy said “Do you suppose they have that many customers who don’t shower?” I don’t know but the stench was horrid. Far Guy thinks that some women must be more tempted to part with their money when the perfume overwhelms them. Not me, I headed for the door sneezing.

The two stores we finally shopped in were normal in regards to being odiferous… Ben Franklin ( a five and dime) and The Trading Post, where they still gift wrap and smile and say thank you.

Then of course we hit the Farm Supply Store where I wandered the pet aisle looking for new stuff to entertain Chance. There might be an odor in that store but at least it is an earthy smell.

We got an inch and a half of rain and it has turned cold, we had a high temperature of 45 F or 7 C yesterday and there is a frost warning out for this morning. Outside projects will be on hold until it stops raining/snowing…snow is possible with freezing temperatures:(

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  1. June Goodall says:

    I so agree with you regarding the overwhelming hit of perfumery in some of the what could be very satisfying shopping experiences. I have put one foot in the door and backed out and some of the shops I can smell them half way down the block. How could anyone work there for 8 hours? I have communicated many times requesting some relief from this but guessed that I was a minority shopper.
    Have also expressed my displeasure with ads and magazines that include the horrid samples of whatever!!!
    I so enjoy Far Side of Fifty. Used to live in N.D. but have been on the West Coast for years and you bring me back home and put my feet on the ground.

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