Trip to the Dentist

Gosh I hate going to the Dentist, but I am done again for six months.  Far Guy is not so lucky, he is scheduled for Oral Surgery, he has a wisdom tooth coming in sideways and a fistula. (Left over from a root amputation or a wayward bone fragment.)  He is not crazy, many times over the past few years he has said “Something is not right up there in my mouth.”  Well he was right and not crazy..the X Rays prove it.  He doesn’t get the famous Olympian Hockey playing Baker this time but another fellow.  I will let you know when it is over.  I have asked that they gel foam the incision and stitch him up to try to avoid a dry socket..we will see.  He has asked for Nitrous. This is his last Wisdom Tooth…he should have had them all removed at once when he was younger…he had two done at once and swore never again…well never again is on round two.

We go to a further away little town to the Dentist.  He is a Finnish lad.   His wife who shoulda been a Dentist is the hygienist. We schedule our appointments back to back, since it is a 40 minute drive over there.

Chance and I went wandering about town and the immediate area while Far Guy was in the chair.

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