One of those days

I broke the printer this morning…it is not just sick..I killed it. We have had it a good long time. It was a good printer, something went clunk. I tried to fix it, Far Guy tried to fix is beyond repair. I put it on the shopping list and a replacement is sitting here in a box.

Whilst I was trying to get some other “stuff” done Far Guy was wrestling with the vacuum cleaner. He was hoping it would be broken too so he could replace it..but it lives yet another day or two or three to aggravate him some more.

Far Guy wanted two simple things at Wally World..blueberries and printer paper that you can print stickers on. No such luck. When the gal asked him if he found everything he lied and said “yes.” Then he said (I was so proud of him) “I lied I did not find everything” She said “That’s okay sometimes I lie too.” ( She never asked him what he couldn’t find.) Customer service at it’s finest.

I was asked to do something extra special for the museum. I politely asked a third party to email me a photo. She is a ditz and said “I cannot email photos but I will mail you one.” I asked her to mail it to me at home, she replied “I already sent it to the museum”…lets see you want me to drive how far..28 miles because you are S.T.U.P.I.D. ?? Apparently. I drove to town, the photos are bad copies or blurry..go figure. What a waste of my time. I don’t have any nerves to get on anymore they are all shot.

I think I might need to hibernate just a tad to improve my mood… I may not get up till noon and I may not answer the freaking phone all day long:)

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2 Responses to One of those days

  1. Adele in Minn. says:

    I’ve had days like that, sure wishing you a better day tomorrow. Maybe a really special cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage, a good book or movie and just a short hibernation.

  2. Karen says:

    Apparently that’s a common response at Wally World. My friend often answers “No” and no one ever asks anything further. I suspect they aren’t even listening.

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