Museum: Mystery Monday

Museum “stuff” still seems to take up much of my free time. Even the off season is busy, I am certain the Board members have no idea how much work I do every week. ( mostly as a volunteer)

We have our annual meeting with elections coming up soon. I hope people that actually volunteer time are elected instead of just figureheads that want to plump up their own obituaries. The bylaws state that after two terms board members are required to take a term off. Apparently that doesn’t apply…the same old people are there year after year…some have been on the board for five terms (15 years). They have no new ideas, are reluctant to change and their get up and go gone up and went. It is very discouraging to work with those kinds of people.

I have a new contract sitting on my desk. I am thinking it over.

Here is the mystery item this week.

HERE is the link to the rest of this post and the photos.

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