November is upon us

Spring ahead and Fall back. Uffda. I detest the time change. It takes my body a week or more to adjust. I will have to schedule lots of naps this week so I am not cranky. How can it be November already? I just want time to stand still for a bit…and a few weeks of Indian Summer.

We got our flu shots on Friday. The nurse was hesitant to inject my gluteus qualifies it is a muscle… I pointed and said “Here this is a great spot. How can you miss such a large target?”

We headed North for a few days. Jen asked her Dad to go to a Hockey Game (Sioux or more correctly North Dakota vs St Cloud…they lost.) We did some shopping…there is a brand new Hobby Lobby in Grand Forks. I bought craft paint and some cardstock and an assortment of paint brushes just incase I am moved to begin a project or two I will have the supplies on hand. Jen also introduced me to Bed Bath and Beyond. If you have to shop that is a way cool store. I bought coffee and some chocolate.

I bought one Christmas now that total is four…I am crusin’.

I also bought Chance a super dooper ball launcher..a K-9 Kannon!

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