Pain in the neck

My sleep is all messed up. My dreams are strange: In one I bought a new house on the lake and the neighbors wouldn’t get off MY dock… I had to kick them off the dock and sit there so they wouldn’t come back and I was getting hungry and tired and I didn’t have my camera. In another I wandered around picking up dog poop. In another I had so many ottomans/footstools in the house that I had them in every room..oh maybe I already do…but I had more and some were really ugly.

We washed some windows yesterday. Someone wanted to just wash the paw prints off the outsides. Someone else wanted them squeaky clean for winter…like clean the tracks out with Q Tips and everything.

I had an encounter where someone was not very nice to me…in fact they were downright mean. I was still polite. Just because someone else is mean, I don’t have to be mean in return. However it was a struggle for me. I wanted to be like my Aunt Marie and just verbally castrate them.

The Post Office in Ponsford was closed yesterday. Not sure why..perhaps it was closed permanently. I hope not as it is my favorite Post Office. There were no signs on the door, the doors were just locked. Strange.

We drove out to Shell Lake.

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  1. Kim says:

    The pain could be cardiac in origin. Please consult with your doctor.

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