Cleaning Up Projects

One day I cleared out the entire fridge and cupboards of all the containers that were beyond their expiration dates. Far Guy is allergic to anything that might start to ferment naturally…he begins projectile vomiting and wishes he was dead. He and I consumed some older expired salsa that the seal was questionable on, I was fine..yup you guessed it… he was in the bathroom all night long. Have you checked your expiration dates lately?

Another day Far Guy turned the computer chairs upside down and we cleaned off the “stuff” mainly somedogs hair from around the wheels. The chairs were not gliding along the floor so much they glide with the greatest of can slide the chair across the room with one finger. We sat at the table and cleared wheels with a tweezers and a scissors. I won’t say there was a mountain of hair and threads..but it was a big pile. Do you get hair in your computer chairs wheels? Have you looked?

Do you carry Lysol Wipes in your car? We do just incase someone we see looks sick. Do you disinfect your grocery cart before you load it with groceries? We do…most stores provide the disinfectant wipes and I use them to wipe down the entire grocery cart. Are we germaphobes? I have a clean side and a dirty side in my kitchen..never the twain shall meet…and if they do, out come the Lysol Wipes. ( Cross contamination drives me nuts.) I have a cutting board just for chicken…nothing else gets cut on it…and after it is used I wash it about three times. I also have a special cutting board for fruit. I keep things on my kitchen counters to a minimum. I don’t like working around mail or a phone or fru fru on the kitchen counters.

Recently we switched from a dish rag..the nasty germy things to Bounty Duratowels that are supposed to be 3 times cleaner than a dish rag. Daughter Jen uses a dish brush perhaps one of those is worth a try.

Now for the big question. Have you replaced those batteries in your smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors? Far Guy bought a new Carbon Monoxide detector for the furnace/laundry room. He also replaced every battery in all the other alarms and tested them all. I know the batteries might be good for another six months…but what if they aren’t? What if they don’t chirp? What if I am gone from the house for a few days when they have chirped and I miss it? If I change the batteries at the time change every spring and fall then I can rest assured that they will work if needed:)

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