Stone Makers

I am a stone maker. So are my daughters. It is a very painful thing to pass on to your children. I drink lemonade every day to keep my PH at a level that won’t make stones and I drink lots of water.

Kidney Stones are no fun. People in the Midwest are more prone to them than any other people in the country.

Jen is attempting to pass a 6mm stone. She has been to the ER and they sent her home to see if she can pass it on her own. The stone left her kidney on Friday and it is on it’s way to her bladder. That is a pretty big stone. I am not sure she can do it on her own. We wait. Our bags are packed and we are ready to go if needed.

I remember the pain of my first stone like it was yesterday. I would have preferred to birth half a dozen babies. I was lucky I was able to pass all of my stones by myself. Only one episode involved a hospital stay, and since I am not a model patient they were glad to see me go home.

I hope Jen can avoid surgery and a hospital stay. Please say a prayer for her and think positive thoughts. If you wish to leave her a get well message here is the link to her blog East Side Professor:)

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  1. Gary L. Travis says:

    I was born in Moorhead, then lived in Fargo several years. I had recurring stones after going to Dayton OH in 1996….eventually they removed a parathyroid tumor they found in my neck after extensive testing… stones since then.

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