It has spit snow the past few days.  Just enough to help the deer hunters track deer.

Just enough snow for Chance to run around scraping up the slushy snow in his mouth.  Chance likes the snow, he is invigorated by it and loves to wake us up early in the morning just so he can sit outside and watch the sun come up.

There is not enough snow to begin to use the snow stick yet.

The deer reports are good, both my Father and brother had good luck over the weekend.


You can see the rest of the post and the photographs HERE.

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2 Responses to Snow

  1. Katrina says:

    Just curious: why can’t your blog stay on the first “page” where it appears in the online newspaper?

    • farside says:

      Hi Katrina, I use a program called Live Writer to write my blog posts. They are written the night before and posted automatically. Area Voices doesn’t allow that program to be used, because they feel that too much spam sneaks in. IF I use their blog writer I would have to resize all my photos. I am only allowed so much space for photos…at blogspot I have the freedom to use as many pictures as I like and Live Writer automatically converts everything for me. Sooner or later I will abandon the space in Area Voices, which makes me a bit sad as I have been there a long time:(

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