Wistful Wednesday : Little Girls

When the girls were little they were much easier to take care of.  Bandages for the owies that bled and kisses for all the other ones.  A cuddle with a blankie in a chair and being rocked until they went to sleep.

The photograph can be found HERE. 

I think my husband is a better picture taker nowadays. He barely got Trica in the photo, I am holding Jennifer.  This was taken the day my Grandparents D. celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary…1978 maybe.

Jennifer had the surgery to remove the kidney stone that was causing her so much misery.   She is very uncomfortable, we are trying our best to make her feel better.  It will just take some time to recuperate.  If you knew my youngest daughter you would soon realize that patience is not her greatest virtue… but she is trying:)

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