Sometimes things just take time.

Sometimes I am not a very patient person either.

I want Jen to heal fast and get back to normal. We left her on her own, well not all alone she has her boys to take care of her. She usually takes care of them…

Good thing we came home when we did..cause someone had taken the last of his medication that he must take every day. I did not have any extra in my bag either…leave it to a man to pack. I have extra in a different bag, and extra in a different vehicle. I need to get organized for the times he has brain farts.

Came home looking for a photo file from 2008 of Far Guys Class Reunion, he is working on a project. Looked high and low, found backup files..but not the right one. I think he is appealing to classmates for help as other people took photos that day.

I am back to working on the Christmas Ornaments, had some glitches to overcome. I think I am on the right track now. None are totally finished yet…soon. I really want them DONE.

For now I am in a slow mode…doing what I think is the most important thing to accomplish any given day:)

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