The yarn and crochet hooks are calling my name. I am not sure why. The bright colors and new kinds of fun yarn are mesmerizing. It is like I go into some kind of trance; oh I love that color, oh feel this one, oh I could make great things with you. They are speaking to me. Buy me, buy me…you can never have too many crochet hooks. Free Patterns…why do the manufactures do that to me?

Could I learn to join granny squares as I go? Yes I could…I always hated sewing them together…some woman smarter than me has figured out a way and I can do it!! Here is my test piece. Success!!! I love this multi color yarn.

Never too old to learn something new. Thanks to a link from Sam. I need to get into the storage way upstairs and get down some of my yarn to use up. Because I want to make a afghan all different colors. If there are some colors I will never use I should donate them to the church for prayer shawls.

I am still working on my hat, I have ripped it apart several times. I may need a different pattern. I so wanted a blue winter hat with a brim and a big old crochet flower on it.

Am I turning into my Grandmother? Nope she didn’t crochet…she cooked…cooking and baking was her hobby.

I scarf is still unfinished, the one with the fuzzy balls. I need to rip it apart, I bought another hank of yarn so my scarf could be wider and longer and show off more of those wonderful fuzzy balls.

I have not crochet anything in a long time. I used to knit years ago, I learned to knit before I learned to crochet. My Aunt Marie taught me to knit. One of my old high school friends Kathy taught me to crochet. Years ago a group of gals would get together and work on projects once a month, learning new crafts from each other. I learned some fancy embroidery stitches and how to do Hardanger, how to crochet and how to make macramé knots good enough to make some hanging flower pot holders remember them? I also learned how to cross stitch along the way. I can quilt as in little stitches with a thread and needle. As my fingers get more arthritic it is harder to hold the needle.

Yup getting older..so I better crochet while I can:)

The photographs can be found here.

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