Sharing the wealth

Last weekend we had a date. We went to a fundraiser for the Local Animal Shelter. It was a Turkey Dinner, the turkey was excellent. I like to go and see what other non-profit organizations do for their dinners and silent auctions….besides that it is for a good cause. They were selling raffle tickets. My husband forked over $5.00 for a raffle ticket for me! (Men should always pay on dates! Steve Harvey said so!) He bought his own ticket earlier in the week. They sell 1200 tickets at $5 each. They give away cash prizes totaling $2,350 and make a profit of $3,650 if all the tickets are sold. Not a bad fundraiser if you have members that will sell the tickets.

Shortly after we returned home, the phone rang and I won! Third prize was $250 !! I was so happy, I hardly ever win anything and this is the first ever raffle ticket that I have won.

I knew I had to share, first with my husband and then with the Animal Shelter. I am always thrilled when someone comes into the museum with something from our wish list!

Rawhide chews were on their wish list. We bought all sizes.

We also looked at the dogs available for adoption. They had a Sheltie that would have been very tempting, she looked just like Little Elvis but a bit bigger… happily she had been adopted and was just waiting a few days for her new owners to pick her up!

Sometimes we think that a companion for Chance would be a good thing. Chance is so sad after spending a few days with Little Elvis and Miney…he really misses them. Sometimes we think that one dog is plenty for us…at least until the right dog comes along.

Chance never gets Rawhide Chews. He never cared for them and would look for someplace to hide them so your feelings wouldn’t be hurt. He used to bury them under pillows or in the couch until he discovered that burying them outside was much better, then he would dig them up much later when they were all stinky and gross… so he doesn’t get them anymore:)

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