You know the old saying “Innocent until proven guilty?”

That does not apply to our squirrels. We have about six of them.

It is a war. Me against the little bird seed sucking buggers. They were leaping out of the branches and landing on the feeders and getting their fill. We trimmed the branches. They were climbing the poles. BUGGARS. I read in Mother Earth News that Crisco on the poles would make the poles too slippery for them to climb. That worked for a few days…it was so satisfying to watch them slide down:) Then they started running up a nearby tree trunk and flew through the air with the greatest of ease and most of the time landed on the top of a feeder…while they were up there they ate all the sunflower hearts.

I purchased three squirrel baffles at $20.00 each. You can add that up yourself.

The rest of this post and the photographs can be found HERE.

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