We are having a snow event.  We are safe at home and have no plans to leave.  It has been snowing since late Sunday night.

This snow event is supposed to last a few days.  It has snowed enough as I write this I can hear the snow chugging down the roof…as it slides down the steel roof it makes a noise.  Of course the dog barks..cause it sounds like someone is beating on the house…then he realizes it is snow falling in huge amounts and goes to hide in the bedroom where he feels safe.  One time when he was a puppy he was covered by snow as it slid off the roof…Far Guy had to rescue him.  He has never forgotten.

So 5PM on Monday afternoon the snow stick showed a little over four inches.

See the photos and the rest of this post HERE.

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  1. kay syvrud says:

    WE got the same snow here too!!! And our new roof is the same as yours…steel and the snow slides right off. I have been scared by the sound also— so give Chance my sympathy. But I am too big to crawl under any of our beds and be safe!
    HO HO!

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