Chance: The Storm

Hiya!  It is me Chance, it is finally my turn! Far Side says they named the freaking snowstorm Cleon..what kind of a name is that anyway?  I can think of a different C word to suggest CHANCE!

It has been a stormy week.  I only leave the yard to walk to the mail box with Far Guy.  Far Side has been real busy ..not sure what she is doing but she has been busy upstairs.   I think it involves cleaning and organizing and cussing.  Cussing because of a glitch with her eBay account funneling her funds to a son in laws account because once upon a time he used her email address.  I am not sure if they will ever get it straightened out.

She did play ball outside with me… as a reward after I walked her to the sauna to see if the little bird was still sleeping there. There is a little Finch that decided to sleep under the eave of the sauna.  He or she has been there cuddled up in a sheltered area behind one of the posts. It wasn’t  there..we have to go back and check at night…but the snow is way over her snow boots she will have to shovel a path or find taller boots.

She shoveled for a long time yesterday..the patio…and it kept snowing all day. She will have to go out there for more glorious exercise again today.

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2 Responses to Chance: The Storm

  1. kay syvrud says:

    Whoever named a storm CLEON muset be from th deep, deep South!!!
    We have enough snow that the tractor/sdnowblower will have to be used this morning before we set off for an apt. IN DL.

  2. Karen says:

    Chance is always stunningly beautiful.
    I start chemotherapy on Wed. Don’t know if I’ll get out to a coffee shop to enjoy your blog. I’ll miss it.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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