Cold Days and Parties

We have had some sub zero days.  It was –13 F or -25 C yesterday morning.  The winds will cause dangerous windchill factors of –20 to –40 F or –28 to –40 C all day Monday.

Two Christmas Parties went on as planned over the weekend.

My Cousins met at the Nursing Home and brought homemade soups…I brought bread and cheese and a few cookies from the freezer…nothing has been baked yet around here.  Aunt Lila, Aunt Grace, Aunt Sharon, Aunt Anna and my parents were the special guests from the oldest generation.  They are the remnant.

The Historical Society’s Christmas party was held at a Pizza Shop in town.  Not a great turnout…just the regulars.  Not exactly a partying bunch…were were home by 9PM.

We are working on the Christmas letter it will be mailed soon.  We ran out of pretty paper for the letters and stamps.  The homemade ornaments will all be in the mail except for two that will be hand delivered.  We ordered a bunch of gifts online…delivery will start in a few days. I am still working on some homemade gifts.  I discovered I have very little wrapping I couldn’t very well wrap the one gift I have hidden.

A long, long time ago I was gifted this wreath by old North Dakota neighbors Harvey and Joyce…it now has a bow. I hung it next to the outside door.  It is old and has seen better days..but will be enjoyed one last Christmas.

Working on the Christmas Card list was an eye opener.   I didn’t realize so many friends and relatives had died until I updated the list.  What a sad time of year it must be for their loved ones.  I wrote notes on most of their letters.

Looking at that photo the bow might be a tad wonky.  It was way too cold to mess around with it outside in the dark.  I was happy to have used an entire spool of ribbon with no leftovers.

Gift count: two bought and nine ordered.  Gifts wrapped: none.  Cookies made: none. Christmas letters written: in progress.  Home made ornaments: Complete!  Homemade gifts: in progress.  Decorations…none except the snow outside and a pine cone wreath.  16 days and counting.

Photos can be found HERE.


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One Response to Cold Days and Parties

  1. kay syvrud says:

    I do not have a Tree up..cannot find the top for our many- decades old tree! Dana (son) is getting me a new tree for Chr/present! He is in Bismarck so who knows if I get it this year! I do have lots of Chr. lights up in living room!!! And a few candles and a few of my huge snowman collection …all gotten at thrift or second hand stores (I am so proud of those TS purchases over several years)
    Now I think that in January I should go through myChristmas boxes of décor. and bring some to Savers or Boys and Girls club thrift store in DL. At age 76 (in January) I should cut back a bit and save my kids all that work when I am no longer here to sort through it all. I have gotten a lot more realistic lately!
    Although I could not face moving out of this house…..too much work for one who does not have enough energy now!!!
    Have a cold wind-chilly day at O——–!!!!

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