Slow Going

Ack..I hate shopping.  We split the list and attacked and came home with four more gifts..well five if you count “The Dove” gift.  Gifts that go to Nursing Home Residents.

I have wrapping paper now and Christmas letter paper that is kinda summery with butterflies…it was either that or clouds or Happy butterflies won.

Chance is a little under the weather.  I think he has a touch of pancreatitis cause he threw up his morning biscuit yesterday with lots of bile.  He had a quiet day resting at home and seemed better by last evening.  Possibly someone shared some salami with the poor begging dog. Someone will not do that again.

In the sub zero wind chills Chance and his friend with the salami didn’t make it to the mailbox on their walk…the three legged dog hopped back home to warm up.  Just as well as there were some packages waiting at the mailbox.

Town was a little busy.  Wal-Mart had six checkouts open that is three more than normal.

This was just before sunset at about 4:20.  The days are getting shorter and shorter.

I am hoping for a very productive day today…we shall see.

Gift count: eight bought and seven ordered.  Gifts wrapped: none.  Cookies made: none. Christmas letters: Complete!  Homemade ornaments: Complete!  Homemade gifts: in progress.  Decorations…none except the snow outside and a pine cone wreath.  15 days and counting.

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