Wistful Wednesday :Christmas 1978

I found this old photo to share this week. 1978 was thirty-five years ago. It must have been taken at or near Christmas time as my baby brother was home.

I think it is notable that all the men have different taste in flannel shirts.

The photo can be found HERE

Left to right: Bob and Mary (friends of my parents), my parents Dad was 51 and Mom was 48, my baby brother’s wife (Beth), my baby brother (Carey he was 24), me standing up in the blue sweater 27,and standing behind me my other baby brother (Jody he was 18), down front is my sister (Julie she was 12 ), Jennifer(3 years and 3 months old), Trica (Five years and 8 months old)  and Far Guy he must have been 28.

I must have been big on dressing the girls alike…all matchy matchy. Jennifer is holding a red package and I see that Trica must have been antsy as three adults are hanging onto her.

This was the year my other baby brother was a senior in high school.( He looks real tall because he was standing on the fireplace hearth.)  He spent more time trapping, fishing and hunting than he did in the classroom.  He was 18 that school year… school was just an inconvenience for him and he could write his own notes (excuses for school).  As he tells it he finally got called into the Principals Office and it was spelled out exactly how many days you were required to attend classes to graduate.  He did graduate.  Jody just didn’t like school, it was not his thing.  Luckily he had a natural mechanical aptitude and today owns his own business…oh and he also has the gift of gab…which is a good quality for a successful business…not exactly a subject taught in high school.

I have no idea who took the photo, but it was taken at my parents home at the Resort on Straight Lake.  My parents friend in the red flannel shirt, Bob died a number of years ago.  Mary lives just down the road from us and we see her once in a while. The resort has been sold and resold several times..the fireplace is still there. See the black box above Beth’s head?  It was a built in warmer, my Mom would put bread in there to bake and soup to stay warm.

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