The Nativity and a few ornaments

I am making a tiny bit of progress.  Everyday when I wake up I ask myself “Self what are three things you want to accomplish today?”

I finished up two of the handmade will be in the mail…it is a surprise. I forgot to take a photo but the recipient has a camera.  The other will be delivered someday over the holidays… Elbow Lake is it’s destination. I will take a photo..but I cannot show it to you yet.

We got the big Shiny Brite Tree in the air…I am not sure how many more years we will be able to get it in place…it is huge and heavy.  It is about 1/3 decorated..the top 1/3!  Shiny Brites are scattered all over upstairs…every bed and flat surface has boxes full of ornaments.

Sometimes one thing leads to getting the Nativity in place…of course lots of things had to find new homes and a good dusting was needed.

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