What does the cat say?

You again…weren’t you just here a couple of weeks ago?  You and that black and white thing that you bring along with you.  I like you but couldn’t you just leave him at home?

Whatever are you doing on the floor anyway?  You didn’t fall did you?

Oh you gotta camera too just like my lady that shakes the treat can.  Take some pictures of me instead of that mutt. I’ll get real close so you can’t miss.

I am getting old, I have tumors…they come and go and I heard you say one of these days it will be a big one that gets me.  Was that a nice thing to say?

Well just for that comment you get the stink eye.  I suppose you are going to clean out my ears too…you do that every time you come to visit.

I’ll letcha do it this time…after all you have been doing it for 12 years…nothing has stopped you yet.  Not meowing or scratching…I am getting too old to protest too much.  Besides that I will lay in your laptop case and get it all hairy just to get even…unless of course you care to vacuum me a few dozen times…you know how much I love that vacuum cleaner.

Why don’t you hide more treats over here so you look like a multi talented animal photographer?


Chaucer the GRAND Cat

Photos can be found here.

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