Christmas 2013

Leftovers, too many cookies, boxes to recycle and a few bent spoons mark another Christmas.

At one point daughter Jen announced all electronic devices would be turned off for awhile.  The children complied although several asked “What if I get a call?”

They survived.

After church on Christmas Eve we enjoyed a wonderful meal of smoked ribs (Andy smoked them in his smoker), cooked carrots, corn (frozen from last summer), baked beans and cornbread (Jen’s specialty).  Steve and Jo joined us and my parents stopped by later. Dessert was served: Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake, Tiramisu Cheesecake, Pumpkin Bread, Cookies and Mexican Mud Balls. Uffda.

We played Quelf and then the Grandgirls requested SPOONS.  Spoons is played with a deck of cards, you put one less spoon than players in the center of the table, players are dealt four cards, the dealer picks up a card from the remaining deck looks at it and can switch it out to make four of a kind.  The cards the dealer doesn’t want are passed as fast as they can be around the table.  The first person to get four cards the same grabs a spoon, which is a signal to the rest of the players to grab a spoon, the person with out a spoon gets an S then a P etc… to spell SPOONS when you have spelled SPOONS you are out of the game.  I was forced out after my husband dived for a spoon across the table…Maddie sustained a sore toe and a scrape on her foot from a spoon fight.  One spoon was bent beyond recognition.  It was a loud and rousing game with lots of giggling and hollering.

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