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Wistful Wednesday: Live Nativity 1991

Back in 1991 Far Guy and I were both on the Evangelism Committee at the church.  As a community outreach program I spearheaded a Live Nativity.   A crèche was built  and set up on the church lawn  snow bank.  I … Continue reading

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Heat Wave

“Heat wave burning in my heart”..but in my case it was was 22 degrees ABOVE zero yesterday that would be -5 C.   I took off my parka. It felt like spring…the sun was shining too…a perfect day to run … Continue reading

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Shopping, Sioux,Shower and Sugary Treats

Oh my it was a busy weekend.  The shopping commenced and we were successful and I am pleased to report we are almost done..just a few simple things to purchase for stocking stuffers! Jen and her Dad went to the … Continue reading

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What does the cat say?

You again…weren’t you just here a couple of weeks ago?  You and that black and white thing that you bring along with you.  I like you but couldn’t you just leave him at home? Whatever are you doing on the … Continue reading

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  In town they have Cardinals at their feeders.  I am jealous.  I have the usual..Nuthatches, Chickadees, Woodpeckers and some Finches that should be gone by now but are sticking around.  I keep hoping for a Cardinal, when we lived … Continue reading

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I am all set for the cookie exchange. In order to appear less “grinchy” I agreed to join in.   I have not participated in a cookie exchange in years…the memory of strange cookies, broken messy cookies and bad cooks had … Continue reading

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The Nativity and a few ornaments

I am making a tiny bit of progress.  Everyday when I wake up I ask myself “Self what are three things you want to accomplish today?” I finished up two of the handmade will be in the mail…it is … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday :Christmas 1978

I found this old photo to share this week. 1978 was thirty-five years ago. It must have been taken at or near Christmas time as my baby brother was home. I think it is notable that all the men have … Continue reading

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Slow Going

Ack..I hate shopping.  We split the list and attacked and came home with four more gifts..well five if you count “The Dove” gift.  Gifts that go to Nursing Home Residents. I have wrapping paper now and Christmas letter paper that … Continue reading

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Cold Days and Parties

We have had some sub zero days.  It was –13 F or -25 C yesterday morning.  The winds will cause dangerous windchill factors of –20 to –40 F or –28 to –40 C all day Monday. Two Christmas Parties went … Continue reading

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