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Winter Formal

Maddie asked me to come up and take some photos.   The occasion was The Winter Formal. We took some photos inside but I liked the outside ones the best.  It was a fun session..even if the temperatures were subzero.  Maddie … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday : The Grandboys

Jen and I were looking for some old photographs deep in the recesses of my Simple Save. Along the way we found a few photographs that made us smile. July 2005  I recall that when Adam ( the littlest) started … Continue reading

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Girl’s Ice Hockey

Two of the Grand girls play Ice Hockey. Savannah is a Senior this year and Paige is a Freshman. They are both on the Varsity team. Last night was their first game. The rest of this post can be found … Continue reading

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November is upon us

Spring ahead and Fall back. Uffda. I detest the time change. It takes my body a week or more to adjust. I will have to schedule lots of naps this week so I am not cranky. How can it be … Continue reading

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Adam got a new cast.  This one is green too.  (Adam broke two bones above his wrist in early June.) This is what is says on his shirt. Adam might get his cast off in two weeks.  He would like … Continue reading

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Day Off and Adam Broke His Arm

Sleep late, go for a long drive, rummage around in many antique shops, buy some memories, play ball with Chance in an old cemetery, walk in the rain, stop for supper, admire all the crops coming up and the green … Continue reading

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Paige: 8th Grade Graduation

Paige our youngest granddaughter graduated from St. Phillips Parochial School yesterday.  I had the day off, so we ventured North.  Our daughter Trica could not attend, she is in the Nurse Practitioner Program and had to be up at UND … Continue reading

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We went to Detroit Lakes yesterday to see the Avenue of the Flags at Oak Grove Cemetery.  It is becoming a tradition for us.  Usually we make a day of it and go to the Flea Market and then come … Continue reading

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We have company for a bit.  Chance too! Little Elvis and Miney brought their boys. The parental units hadn’t been gone an hour when we had our first casualty. Someone’s Grandparents took them to the candy store and somebody had … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Superman is 14

Birthday wishes go out to Superman. (This Grandma thinks he is a super man!) Noah was one year old in this photograph taken in 2000.  It is one of my favorite photos. Noah is our first born grandson…he joined our … Continue reading

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