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Old Craft Stuff

I am cleaning out some closets and a few storage areas that have not been looked at in years. I got to feeling guilty having too much “stuff” for the girls to go through if I should croak. Visions of … Continue reading

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Train Set: Tower with a Bomber

Yes, a tower was built upstairs. Three Erector sets were open and in the walkway…it is a good thing I didn’t wander that way in the dark. Finally the tower was complete and the Enola Gay is flying CAP (Combat … Continue reading

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The yarn and crochet hooks are calling my name. I am not sure why. The bright colors and new kinds of fun yarn are mesmerizing. It is like I go into some kind of trance; oh I love that color, … Continue reading

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Wood Carving: Lady Slipper

During the winter we go to Wood Carving every week. It is mainly men, but sometimes a few women show up. Most of the carvers are retired, all are very talented. If you are struggling with something someone is bound … Continue reading

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Train Show

A few weeks ago we went to a Train Show. It actually had lots of old toys and tractors and some trains. I have a blast looking at all the old tin toys. The art work is wonderful. The rest … Continue reading

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No Sunshine

No sunshine yesterday. It was cloudy, cool and rainy all day long. We left early for parts unknown. Found some new to us antique shops. I bought another frog, some old photos and some more dice for my dice collection. … Continue reading

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I had a really nice night/day at Lind Lake with all the scrapbooking gals. I did not drag out my scrapbooks. Instead I worked on my cards. The ones I make using my photographs. Jen asked “Mom what are you … Continue reading

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Frogs of a different kind

Flower frogs are really cool, they can help you arrange flimsy limp flowers in a vase or you can discover a new use for a vintage item. The rest of this post can be found HERE.

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Flying recon in the yard

Far Guy’s newest passion is flying recon through the yard. It entertains us in the evening when there is no wind..he flies and I photograph.  It doesn’t take much to entertain the aging. It even has lights.  I don’t fly … Continue reading

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We took the day off yesterday and headed for a train show. South of us the snow is not as deep..or piled as high. It was a good train show..I bought a that is not a train..and I bought … Continue reading

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