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Shopping, Sioux,Shower and Sugary Treats

Oh my it was a busy weekend.  The shopping commenced and we were successful and I am pleased to report we are almost done..just a few simple things to purchase for stocking stuffers! Jen and her Dad went to the … Continue reading

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Brown and Gray Days

Old Age: Just like an old building our foundation is a little unsteady. A few of our rocks are loose, some are even missing. Some boards have come loose and have been patched. Our roofs have seen better days. We … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday : Little Girls

When the girls were little they were much easier to take care of.  Bandages for the owies that bled and kisses for all the other ones.  A cuddle with a blankie in a chair and being rocked until they went … Continue reading

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Stone Makers

I am a stone maker. So are my daughters. It is a very painful thing to pass on to your children. I drink lemonade every day to keep my PH at a level that won’t make stones and I drink … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: 1975

How many of you gals have been pregnant in the summer? Miserable. You feel…fat… it is seems like you wait all summer for the baby to arrive. Your feet swell…you are cranky. During the summer of 1975, I was … Continue reading

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Snooze and you lose

A few evenings ago youngest daughter Jen and I were out taking photos. When we came back to the house she wandered out to the wild gardens and took some photos.  She said “Hey! Here is an interesting bug!”  I … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: June 6 1998

Fifteen years ago our youngest daughter married Andy. Jen had just graduated from Bemidji State University and was headed to Mankato to get her Master of Fine Arts in English. Andy had graduated earlier from BSU.  He bought a house … Continue reading

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Meeting Ava

My niece Stacey and her husband welcomed their fourth daughter into the world earlier this month. My daughter Jen enjoys taking photos of newborns..our home became the studio. I was an assistant..and took a few photos myself. Jen calms Ava. … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: 1977 and 1978 Pictures with Santa

Pictures with Santa.  That was a pretty big deal.  We used to go to a shopping center in South Moorhead to have the photos taken.  If we felt we could afford it then we would go to West Acres..Santa photos … Continue reading

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ABC- 123 and Redemption

A long time ago back about 1978 or 1979 our daughters Trica and Jennifer had birds. Parakeets or Budgies. The girls chose names for their birds.  Pansy was green with a yellow head she belonged to Trica.    ABC-123 was Jennifers..he … Continue reading

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