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Minnesota Lakes and Magic Ice

Yesterday after errands we went down to the public access on Fishhook Lake. Canada Geese were flying in from the east..going west to find open water.  The lake is pretty much frozen. Don’t let that small patch of blue sky … Continue reading

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Chance: Walking on water

Hiya! It’s me Chance. I get to blog!! Far Side is bogged down with forty million projects. We, meaning Far Guy and I drug her out of the house to town and then to a garage sale the other day… … Continue reading

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Minnesota Woman

I am always intrigued by “Historical Markers.”  I have a hard time driving by them, I am always curious what they say..are you? Chance wanted to get out of the was a good excuse to stop. He had a … Continue reading

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No Show

The Governor was a no show at the museum.  Ya..he is a Democrat. Some very nice people from the area showed up for egg coffee and cookies during our open house.  We were not over run with people and we … Continue reading

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Last night after supper we went for a ride.  On my way home from work I saw the loons on the Mill pond.  A pair.  They mate for life..but take separate winter vacations..then meet up again in the spring to … Continue reading

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Chance: A Close Call and a Winner

It’s me!!  My turn again.  After errands yesterday we stopped by the lake to smell look around. The sun was shining.  It was a beautiful day and 60 degrees above zero!! I smelled looked around.  I wandered out on the … Continue reading

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The snow is melting quickly.  The fields are turning black and the ditches are full of water. Far Guy says the snow stick is now an ice stick. There is still an inch of “stuff” to melt.  A couple of … Continue reading

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Lake Reports

Ice out will be late this year.  Most of the time the ice goes out of area lakes about April 18th.  The ice goes out and the loons show up about the same time. Our daughter Trica’s birthday is April … Continue reading

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Day Trip

We got up early on Wednesday..checked the weather and headed on over to Duluth.  We were gone just 12 hours. It is a four hour drive one way. The last time we were there for train shopping and a bit … Continue reading

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Whitetails and trails

We went for a drive on Sunday afternoon through the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge. Fisherman made a trail to put up their fish houses way out on Tamarac Lake. I think there were five house..waaaay out there. Snowmobiles and ATV’s … Continue reading

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