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Brown and Gray Days

Old Age: Just like an old building our foundation is a little unsteady. A few of our rocks are loose, some are even missing. Some boards have come loose and have been patched. Our roofs have seen better days. We … Continue reading

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Getting Older

I think we need a notebook. Someone in this household is having a memory problem. Just sayin’ I cannot remember or be in charge of everything so I think a notebook will be added to the list. A very important … Continue reading

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Sixty years ago I was two

Today’s blog post can be found Here.

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SS Check or not?

That is the question? I had a telephone interview with the Social Security people, I am going to turn one of magic ages in 48 days.  I  told the gal I just wanted info…she wanted me to sign up right … Continue reading

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I am working on Far Guys family history( his paternal history)..and I have had many questions along the way.  When I run into questions I just make notes and hope to return again someday to answer those questions. The other … Continue reading

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In-between Days

These in-between days are difficult.  The ones in-between Christmas and New Years. They have become long nap days, and no lets stay home it is too cold to venture out and lets just read books days. We watch the birds … Continue reading

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What the?

I was fine yesterday morning..just hunky dory..I headed for work.  Got to work safely put on my reading glasses to unlock the door and disarm the alarm.  What the?  My vision was all messed up..of course I had just come … Continue reading

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I used to wear my hair up all the time.  Then last fall I got it cut rather short and it is just now growing out long enough to get in a pony tail.  I gathered it all up in … Continue reading

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Well the name of the blog is NOT changing.  When I began to blog apparently I did not have the forethought to wonder what it should be called if I lived to be over 59 years old.   60 is still … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday :1956

Well lets see.. this was almost 55 years ago. Lorraine made me a cake. The whole gang gathered at the Wilsons. My Mother took this photo. She must have waited until after Christmas to get rolls of film developed.  This … Continue reading

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