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We are having a snow event.  We are safe at home and have no plans to leave.  It has been snowing since late Sunday night. This snow event is supposed to last a few days.  It has snowed enough as … Continue reading

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It has spit snow the past few days.  Just enough to help the deer hunters track deer. Just enough snow for Chance to run around scraping up the slushy snow in his mouth.  Chance likes the snow, he is invigorated … Continue reading

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First Snow: October 20 2013

Well we had our first snow early Sunday morning. I knew something was up when Chance came in all wet. He nudged me with his cold nose and I reached out to pet him and tell him to go back … Continue reading

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Snowed Out

Snow: softly falling, going sideways, fluffy, wet, mushy, icy, dry, cold, sparkly, fall, fort, storm, watch, warning, sleds, machines, blowers, plows, fence, shovels, skiff, heap, dump, bank, drift, angel, man, flake, boots and balls.. I am tired of them all.  … Continue reading

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Snowing some more

As if we didn’t have enough snow..we got some more. You can see the snow stick on the left of the photo..still pretty much covered in snow..about 12 inches I think. In a month the GFO (Governors Fishing Opener) will … Continue reading

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Chance: Looking outside

Hiya!  My turn, my turn!   I get to blog again is pretty boring around here. Far Guy works on his trains all day..Far Side either cleans like a mad woman or works on “Museum stuff.” I don’t like to … Continue reading

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Chance: sNOw report

Hello!  It is about time..I finally get to blog again!  Didya miss me? Newsflash: It snowed, it started yesterday in the afternoon. Far Side said “Lets go sit outside in the snow.” So we did.  Her bench was wet..some of … Continue reading

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Seen in Minnesnowda

Perhaps some of the white stuff will melt now..the worm has turned and it got up to nearly 30 degrees yesterday.  Uffda..shirt sleeve weather. If you need a job and are not afraid of heights practically everyone needs their roof … Continue reading

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Snow Removal

Yesterday the snow plow guys were on the road. You cannot see over the snow you have to be real careful and pull out slowly to peek around the snow bank. Someone let the three musketeers out. The grader … Continue reading

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St Urho’s Day

The parade is today.  I am hoping to get some good photos.  Last year it was 60 degrees F this year it might get to 15 degrees F…that converts to –9C..balmy.  It snowed and snowed we hope the roads … Continue reading

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