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Who me?

Now for a who me? Somehow I got roped into making the coleslaw for a fundraiser dinner for the All School Reunion. I distinctly recall being at a meeting..and said quote " If you are having coleslaw make sure you … Continue reading

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Baiting Deer

Okay, someone dumped a whole slug of pumpkins in the woods just before deer hunting season started. Now this could have been someone with excess pumpkins..and they could have been driving along this road..and the pumpkins could have all rolled … Continue reading

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Halloween Report

The moon was almost full, the leaves had a ghostly snow glow..ghosts and goblins scurried throughout the neighborhood.. the dog howled..we ran out of candy..we had so many Trick or Treater we didn’t know what to do. Well not quite..the … Continue reading

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I only know of one person that has taken advantage of the "Cash for Clunkers" stimulus program. That would be my Dad, he was driving a pickup truck that was 17 years old.  I always gave him a bad time … Continue reading

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